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Legend Financial

Legend Financial is a tax firm based in the UK, providing accountancy, taxation, business development, and financial services. Since its establishment in 2012, the corporation became renowned as one of the fastest-growing accountancy firms in the UK, eventually branching out to six offices within the country and one office in Canada and in Ireland.

Visit our website at https://www.legendfinancial.co.uk/.

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For your accountancy, financial or business advise, and taxation needs, you can reach Legend Financial anytime at 0330 236 9330.

Legend Digitech

Established in 2012, Legend DigiTech initially focused on digital marketing and SEO but has now delved into providing expert web and software development as well as Amazon complete account management. We are a team of persevering and results-oriented experts committed to helping businesses across the globe accomplish their goals through advanced advertising and programming, amongst other services. Visit our website at https://www.legenddigitech.com/

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Let Legend DigiTech take care of your site from start to finish. Don’t hesitate to reach us at 0330 236 9331.

Legend International Properties

Legend International Properties

Legend International Properties started in 2018, aiming to help both new-term and professional investors find the best investment opportunities with guaranteed returns and manage their portfolios. Our account managers are qualified as professional property investors, specialising in Pakistan, the UK, Turkey, and Dubai property construction projects. Visit our website at https://www.legendproperties.net/.

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For professional property investment advice, reach us at 0330 236 9334.

Legend Unite

Legend Unite is a humanitarian organisation established in 2021 with genuine compassion for the underprivileged people of the nation, tapping into the resources and expertise of people from all walks of life who have the heart to bring positive change into the world. Firmly believing that “sharing is caring,” each of our sister companies spends 1% of its total earnings every month and most of our employees donate through salary deductions all for this cause. Visit our website at www.legendunite.org

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If you want to contribute to our mission, you can reach us at info@legendunite.org or our nationwide number 0330 236 9332.

Legend Consults

Established in 2023, Legend Consults is a young company aiming to provide comprehensive immigration assistance to clients moving overseas for studies or work purposes, dealing with the most hassling processes on their behalf, from visit visas, study visas, immigration permits, to work permits. The firm specially caters to clients in the UK, Pakistan, Schengen countries, and GCC countries, but overall, we provide assistance for investment-based citizenship and residency application for countries around the globe. Currently, we are situated in four offices—London, Malta, Islamabad, and Gujranwala. Visit our website at http://www.legendconsults.com/.

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You can reach us at 004471204808070 or via email at zahid@legendconsults.com.

Legends Academy

Launching this 2023 is Legends Academy, Legend Group’s very own skill-based education provider offering online or in-campus options. As of now, our major courses include digital marketing, UK taxation, and online selling, all of which are founded on the experience in managing our own speciality firms. After completing the courses, we catapult our students to employment via Legend Connects, our sister company. Visit our website at https://legendsacademy.co.uk/.

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For further inquiries, reach us at 0330 236 9337.

Legend Bargains

Legend Bargains is Legend Group’s eCommerce platform, striving to be one of the most prominent online retail shops in the UK and across the globe, selling various goods at the best prices. Conceived in 2021, the firm has yet a long way to go, but with a clear vision upward and adept knowledge of what keeps the business going, our aim to take over the marketplace is not far-fetched. Reach us at 0330 236 9336 or browse through our site at http://www.legendbargains.com/.

Legend Connects

Established in 2021, Legend Connects is a work placement platform where our students at Legends Academy or any skilled professionals are enrolled after completing skill-based courses. We deploy them in one of our companies or other firms across Ireland, the UK, USA, and Canada, considering where their skills are suitable. Our deep-seated goal is to provide employment opportunities for everyone and be renowned for honing the most reliable experts in their chosen fields. Visit our website at http://www.legendconnects.com/ or reach us at 0330 236 9335.
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