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Who Are We?

To avoid harm, we keep an eye on every little detail.

Legend Facilities is known for providing security services to top companies in various industries. The team is highly qualified, with years of expertise and is well-trained to detect anything out of the ordinary right away.

How can we help you?


Corporate Security

Our corporate security personnel are ideal for companies and organisations that require a professional dress code and behaviour.

Covid-19 Security

Now, security isn’t about avoiding an attack or being intimidated; it’s about protecting yourself against a virus that has been spreading since 2019.

CCTV Monitoring

We have well-trained and experienced personnel to watch the zones you want to stay safe. They are highly aware of what constitutes aberrant behaviour.

Why Choose Us?

We express our gratitude by going as far as to ensure a seamless experience. We can prove that we are the finest option for you!

Staff with a great deal of experience

100% satisfaction guaranteed

Service all over the country

Emergency service available on demand

Call for a Meeting!

If you require assistance with security consultations or guidance, we are only a phone call away.

What Our Clients Say About Us



I’m delighted I went with this firm for event security. They have a lot of experience and were fully familiar with the situation that an event would face, and they managed it quite well.



The company and representative were great and very professional. After a while, I engaged this security firm, and I felt more at ease knowing that my stocks were in good hands.



Overall, I was impressed by the team’s appearance and attitude. Everyone was prepared, willing, and capable of doing all of the responsibilities that had been assigned to them.


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